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        What is Concierge Primary Care?

The typical primary care physician today carries a patient load of 2,500-3,000 patients, seeing 25-30 patients per day.  On average, primary care physicians spend only 10.7 minutes with each patient during a typical office visit.  This often leaves the patient feeling rushed and unsure their concerns have been fully addressed.

Concierge medicine is a reaction to assembly line health care.  The concierge model of care focuses on  providing exceptional care and convenience to fewer patients giving you the time and attention you deserve, and includes services not provided under medical insurance plans.

Typically patients pay a monthly concierge fee (much like a retainer) which allows the practice to remain financially stable while offering extraordinary care, comfort and convenience to the patient; such as extended office visits, more direct access to your physician, and medical updates.  At Eastside Premier Medicine your insurance is billed for medical services such as office visits and procedures.  


   The Eastside Premier Medicine Difference


We are committed to fully understanding your needs and healthcare objectives.  You shouldn't feel rushed when seeing your doctor.  We offer lengthy appointments to assure you have all the time you need with Dr. Garcia-Rabbat.

We know you value accessibility and convenience.  When the phone rings, we answer personally!  If you need an appointment we will get you in the same day or the next business day.  And you will have Dr. Garcia-Rabbat's personal cell phone number and email address for emergent concerns.

We want you to be comfortable.  Our office amenities include coffee, tea, bottled water and snacks from our beverage bar-and plush robes instead of flimsy paper gowns.  Our friendly staff is ready to help with anything from making you a cup of tea to managing appointments with specialists and ancillary health care services.

We want you to be informed and included.  We provide our patients with a comprehensive written health review after each annual physical exam, including cardiac risk factors and cancer screenings.

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